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About Mrs.Jacque

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Mrs. Jacque,MPH

Certified Full SpectrumDoula

Meet the multifaceted Mrs. Jacque! A queen, wife, mother, doula, educator, life coach, and so much more, she is on a mission to leave this world empty, having utilized every ounce of her talent. Transformed by divine grace, a supportive therapist, and an empowering circle of sister-friends, Mrs. Jacque found her calling and purpose.

Driven by a passion for creating birth equity for black women, Mrs. Jacque works tirelessly to educate others on implicit bias and implement evidence-based programs aimed at reducing maternal mortality rates. As she immerses herself in the very community she seeks to serve, Mrs. Jacque is also pursuing a doctorate in public health policy, further solidifying her commitment to effecting meaningful change.

Join her on this journey to make a lasting impact, fostering a world where every mother's wellbeing is valued and protected.

Building on her multifaceted persona, Mrs. Jacque is determined to address the racial disparities in the birthing space that leave black women overlooked and under-cared for. A lack of cultural competency and a true understanding of black women's needs and desires in this critical time contribute to these disparities. As a black woman herself, Mrs. Jacque brings her lived experience and years of research to be the lynchpin in making the birth space sacred once again.

In her quest to make a difference, Mrs. Jacque recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between community and corporations. She understands that many women, particularly those of color, are lost in the chasm present within the healthcare system. By fostering partnerships between community organizations and corporations, Mrs. Jacque believes we can work together to close this gap, ensuring better maternal care and support for all women.With a focus on collaboration and leveraging the resources of both community groups and corporations, Mrs. Jacque aims to create a more inclusive and culturally competent healthcare environment. Through these partnerships, she is dedicated to addressing the systemic issues that contribute to the disparities in maternal outcomes for women of color, ultimately working towards a future where every mother receives the care and attention they deserve during their maternal journey. "Through conversation, we gain education which positions us for implementation."

My Philosophy


Queen, you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. You already possess everything that you need to do what it is you were born to do! And guess what … I will be cheering you on the entire way. You can count on me to show up for you like you show up for everyone else. My goal is to educate and empower you so that you Own Your Birth unapologetically. I have a wealth of knowledge and I am happy to share with you all you want to know. However, I firmly believe in minding my own uterus! This allows you the freedom to make the choices that are best for you.   Sis, this is YOUR birth and YOUR baby and that means you make the decisions. With that said I do believe in evidence-based practices​ and will offer sound information that aims to keep you and your baby safe.

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