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Race should not be a criteria for better birth outcomes.



Who is Mrs. Jacque?

Mrs. Jacque is all of the things honey! Queen, Wife,  Mother, Doula, Educator, Life Coach, and the list goes on. My goal is to leave this world EMPTY with no talent left untapped. I didn’t always have this energy but through Gods grace, a good therapist and circle of sista friends I got my entire life. During my journey I sought out my calling, my purpose, my Mission can you see where this is going?

Birthing While Black!

While "Black Girl Magic" and "Yaaaas, Sis" energy is a whole vibe, unfortunately, it comes with a price tag that is costing us our lives in the maternal space. Birthing While Black has now become yet another thing we have to prepare for. However, rest assured because your good sis got you!

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"Mrs. Jacque was an answered prayer. The support she provided me grounded me and gave me a sense of calm when things felt so chaotic. Even my mom was a fan of Mrs.Jacque and you know mamas are hard to win over."

Postpartum client

What Supported
 Parents Say...

"Mrs. Jacque is such a great teacher her classes are informative and her energy is AMAZING! You can feel her passion for birth and mamas when you interact with her. The support she provides is very genuine, she really does give off "Good Sis" vibes.

Birth education class attendant 

"I was terrified that I wouldn't survive my birth after hearing about all the black women dying. Working with Mrs.Jacque provided me with so much knowledge. She helped me develop a plan and was there to answer any questions I had.

Labor Support client

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